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您还记得《自杀小队》或《钢铁侠》的预告片吗? 这些预告片太神奇了,以至于我们大多数人都被完全充电了,赶到剧院去体验完整的画面。 尽管电影看上去很令人失望,但票房报告却没有。 是的,论文陈述与电影预告片对读者的影响相同。需要澳洲代写吗?

读者阅读完您的论文陈述后,他们应该立即与您的论文或研究论文的观点挂钩。 如果不是那么吸引人,您的整个文章很有可能会被忽略。 因此,您必须非常努力和聪明地工作,以吸引读者阅读您的内容。

A Vibrant Thesis Statement is Always Crisp
论文陈述的主要重点是提取文章的中心思想,而不是再写同样的东西。 因此,使其简短明了,使其突出并有趣。
For example:

Boring: “Junk food is harmful to our health. It carries detrimental ingredients that can affect our heart and often result in the causes of obesity and diabetes. These diseases can lead us to preventable and costly death. So all the Americans should stop consuming that .”

These statements are extremely elaborated and each of the lines kept on explaining the same disadvantages of junk food consumption. Here is how you can make a brief out of it:

Interesting: “Junk food should strictly be avoided by Americans as it causes obesity, diabetes, and heart disease that can lead them to preventable and costly death.”

Now the statement looks quite interesting and engaging. It serves the same idea but in a better and crisp form.

Here’s another example of a long and boring thesis statement:

Boring: “Passive smoking gives the same trouble to a person as smoking does. In fact, passive smoking brings a higher possibility of cancer and heart disease. So smoking in public should be prohibited as soon as possible.”

Here you can find how almost the same lines are arranged with a few different words. Look how you can make it better:

Interesting: “Passive smoke is equally injurious as smoking as it brings a higher possibility of cancer and heart disease, so smoking in public should be prohibited at the soonest.”

Looks wise enough? So next time you write a thesis statement for your assignment, make sure it’s not carrying the repetitive lines.

Here’s another example of how you can elaborate a long concept in a brief form:

“Extreme homework pressure can take away the natural childhood rights from the innocent kids; therefore, they should be given less homework and more time to bring out their playfulness.”

Point to be noted that these statements don’t reflect any particular research work or not based on some existing essays. These are just to show you how you can frame and re-frame your thesis statement by implementing your own independent thoughts and research. So make sure you do not copy paste anything from the sample thesis statements.

Make Sure Your Thesis Statement Carries a Strong Concept

使您的论文陈述清晰明了可能是吸引读者的绝佳选择。 但是,如果您的作业涉及多个事实,而您必须通过论文陈述来展示它们,该怎么办? 显然,您必须提到所有这些。
For example:

“Medical Marijuana has been approved to be supportive for the veterans who are victimized by the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. All the states should legalize the Medical Marijuana prescriptions and cater them to the veterans. Further research on its therapy and services should be conducted to invigorate their lives back to the normal civilization.”

Here you have covered all the important points from approving medical marijuana to the medical benefits of consuming it. Surprisingly, the statement is not even looking repetitive. For a better understanding, have a glimpse of the second example:

“Beauty pageants are being showcased for women empowerment, whereas, putting a transparent swimsuit on those women and continually judging them on what tricks they apply for bringing out such brainstorming answers are undoubtedly inhuman and definitely an amusement for some of the sick men. Therefore, televising beauty pageants should immediately be banned.”

This thesis statement excellently states how beauty pageants are getting into their deformed shapes and being the amusing materials for men. No matter what, you have to keep a few points mentioned in the statement to convey the central idea of​​ your research.

Here’s again another example that covers all the sharp ends and still looks crisp:

“Having a diversified crowd in office gears up some classier ideas, more participation , and more affinity among the people having diverse skin colors, habits, and backgrounds.”

Clear enough? So your thesis statement is not necessarily a short form or the topic of your assignment. It’s holding the major judgmental points that deliver the ultimate message.

To make things easier for you, I’ve provided two more examples of thesis statements that might look lengthy, but sound crisp:

“Feminism was supposed to be standing as a weapon for supporting equal rights, and definitely not for proving how women are superior to men because, in the literal sense, feminism stands for snatching the equal rights, not the mentality of proving gender imbalance.”

“Atheism doesn’t stand to prove any particular religion or any particular God wrong; it tries to enhance your mind to understand everything with logic and not with the traditional practices. Therefore, all of us should be atheists and eliminate the fraudulent activities that go around every day in the world in the name of God.”

Hopefully, now the idea of​​ crafting the perfect thesis statement is pretty clear to you. So go ahead and nail the best statement for your next assignment.